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      Inratio2   Hemosense Inratio2 Monitor

         The #1 Selling PT/INR Monitor
         For Three Years in a Row.

      The Inratio2 Monitor
represents the latest from HemoSense in PT/INR testing at the Point of Care. The INRatio brand is the #1 selling PT/INR point of care monitor for 3 years in a row (according to HPIS data 2005-2007). INRatio2 allows you to obtain a Prothrombin Time (PT) and International Normalized Ratio (INR) result using 1 drop of blood from a fingerstick. The INRatio2 system reduces the headache of oral anticoagulation management, is CLIA waived, and is easy to use.

New Test Strips?
The Inratio2 uses the same PT/INR strips as the original Hemosense PT/INR monitor

Hemosense test On Board Quality Control... Rigorous quality control checks are performed automatically with every test strip, ensuring a reliable result.
Individually Wrapped Strips/ No Refrigeration Required... Individually foil -wrapped strips can be stored at room temperature for up to 12 months
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Small Sample Size... 1 unmeasured drop of blood applied directly to the strip performs both the test and quality controls.
 Buy Quick Start Kit 1 Quick Start Kit #1: 1 Inratio2 Monitor, 1bx
   Inratio Test Strips (48), 50 unistik Single use
   Lancets, Alcohol Pads (100), and Brick of Gauze

    The INRatio2 system allows you to self-test your PT/INR more often without having to travel to a lab. It reduces the headache of oral anticoagulation management, is easy to use, and features on-board quality controls with every test.

         - No need for external liquid quality control or extra strips
         - No need for separate device to check electronic controls
         - Test Strips do not require refrigeration
         - Test Strips are individually wrapped
         - Small one drop (15L) sample size
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Quick Start Kit #3: 1 Inratio2 Monitor, 3bx
   Inratio Test Strips (48), 150 unistik Single use
   Lancets, Alcohol Pads (200), and Brick of Gauze
  Test Strip 1 Test Strip 2 Test Strip 3 Test Strip 4 Test Strip 5  
Make sure Test Strip is at room temperature and prepare other supplies.
Turn on the monitor, Insert Test Strip and Check the Strip Code
Perform a fingerstick when the monitor prompts you to apply a drop of blood.
Apply a large, hanging drop of blood to the sample well of the Test Strip.
The results will appear when the test is finished